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YEAR END: Year in review 2013 (1) infographic

Year in review 2013

December 31, 2013 -- End of year package.
SubjectYEAR END: Year in review 2013 (1)
Size246mm wide by 356mm deep
FiletypeAdobe Illustrator CS2
CaptionGraphic shows a selection of key events that took place during 2013. Events and people in the public eye included sarin gas attacks in Syria's ongoing civil war and the devastating Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Nairobi mall assault and factory disaster in Bangladesh. Hassan Rouhani was elected as President in Iran, and Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, while Pope Francis became the first pontiff from South America. President Morsi of Egypt was ousted by the military and the world lost a great leader with the death of Nelson Mandela. Iran agreed to limit its nuclear programme, China sent its first spacecraft to the moon, and a meteor exploded over Siberia. Paralympian Oscar Pistorius faced a murder charge, whistleblower Edward Snowden went on the run, the Netherlands gained a new king, Willem-Alexander, and Prince George, future British monarch, was born. Andy Murray won Wimbledon and the America's Cup saw one of sport's greatest ever comebacks.
UPDATE (1) December 11, 2013. Changes April 30 picture location from The Hague to Amsterdam, and amends Dec 1 caption to replace the words ‘due to land on’ with ‘to’. The probe is due to land on Dec 13.
GN30265_captions.txt Review of the Year 2013 captions
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